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Sentimental Trickster is a BL/yaoi visual novel with humor, heart and occasional awkwardness. It puts you in charge of Haru as he moves to a big city and tries not to get himself killed. Who knows, maybe he will even find the right guy along the way. That is, if he doesn't scare him off.

"I decided it was time. I packed my old, tattered backpack and left home. I still have nightmares... But I'm hanging in there. Even if my boarding house is in the middle of a freaking big, black forest. Good thing I know how to fight, in case something decides I look tasty. Hey, I'm the guy with a goofy face and violet hair. Getting beaten to a pulp in high school gets boring pretty quickly. But it doesn't mean I like violence.

I conquer the world one snarky comment at a time and I have no sense of direction. When I deal with people, things can get awkward. Ballet-dancing-with-a-peg-leg kind of awkward. So far, four-eyes hates my guts, pretty boy laughs at me and the landlord thinks I'm weird. At least I can always try to get myself killed with this pierced hero-wannabe...

I try not to think about the future. When you don't expect anything, you won't be disappointed, right? I just want to attend classes, graduate and become independent... that is, if you can even make a living after finishing an arts college."

The game relies heavily on the player's choices. Those choices include which guy you want to be with, but also ethical issues: what you deem the right thing to do the time. All the people you encounter have scars, and it's up to you to heal or rub salt.

Sentimental Trickster was made in order to give English-speaking players an experience akin to what Nitro+Chiral games provide, but with a lighter touch.


  • An engaging choice system (check out the demo!) that will affect the whole game;
  • Lots of 18+ scenes that change dramatically, depending on your playing style;
  • Lovable protagonist with a great sense of humor;
  • Complex characters that don't wear their hearts on their sleeves;
  • Created by one person;
  • You can bully hipsters!

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagsadult, boys-love, Visual Novel, yaoi


Sentimental_Trickster_for_Windows_ver03.rar 83 MB
Sentimental_Trickster_for_Mac_ver03.app.rar 95 MB
Sentimental_Trickster_for_Linux_ver02.rar 94 MB
Sentimental_Trickster_for_Windows_ver03.7z 65 MB


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I really do love this demo, I just want to play the game when it comes out and I would be more than willing to pay/ contribute ^^ I think it's so amazing that you're creating this, there aren't enough BL visual novels out there :3 So honestly, thank you thank you thank you! ^^ 

Hello! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement :) I'm always extremely happy when someone enjoys the game. It gives me the strength to carry on^^ And if you wish to receive information on the game, you can send your email to sentimentaltrickster@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter. Those who contributed $30 or more during the Kickstarter campaign are going to be testing the first route soon, so I hope to release the full game this year, or at the beginning of the next :)


This game, well, more likely the demo for now, is really amazing! I never really enjoyed playing these type of games myself, but Trickster is surely an exception! I found myself losing track of time and wanting more, keep up the great work!

I'd honestly like to become maybe slight friends with you? I mean, you seem like a good person, plus you like yaoi, you can't be bad, lol, but I guess that's asking a bit too much heh.

Anyway! I'm really looking forward to this game! Sending love and support~ <3


Ooh, thank you for such kind words <3 I'm honored that you want to be friends with me! Do you have Skype or Steam? We could chat there^^ If you don't want to write personal information here, please send me an email: sentimentaltrickster@gmail.com, or you can follow me on Twitter (I'll follow you back): https://twitter.com/Haru_Trickster

I have skype! It's GiGiNii, I have the same profile picture as here!

Honor is on my side, I'm really glad!

Awesome! Contact request sent :)

I really enjoyed playing the demo!  I grew to really enjoy Haru's sass, and it made me wish more otome heroines had his similar attitude instead of acting like damsels. 

Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it^^ Yeah, I love strong-willed main characters!

Honestly, when I was searching for BL games at 2am out of boredom, I never thought I could run into such a great game! I fell in love with Haru the very first moment I saw him, his design his just the right place in me! About the dialogs, I can't say anything else beside loving them too! They're unusual, but enjoyable! I'm looking forward to the full game so much! Hope you had fun making this game as much as I had playing the demo!

Thank you so much! I'm very happy you enjoyed playing the game. Yes, making it is so much fun! I love writing dialogue and drawing the characters^^ It'll come out before the end of 2017 and it'll be quite a long game. I hope you'll find some time to play it them :)

Hi! Me and my sister loved the game and we are super excited to play the full game.  

And, could you please answer us a question? Had you inspired the characters in someone or something or are they totally original?

Thank you =)

Hello :) Thank you, I'm glad you both liked it!

Yes, some are based on people I know. E.g. Haru's mom is based on my own mom. She's always been very supportive of me, no matter what I did. I've always felt a lot of love from her. I want to show this good relationship in the game, that is, between Haru and his mom. Also, Haru's insecurities are partly my own. I read that "you should write from your core wounds", so I'm trying that out now. As for the other guys, they are partly influenced by many anime series I've seen and partly by me being tired of the usual anime tropes :)

Super cool!! Iam even more anxious to play the game now!!

I hope that when it comes out, you'll have just as much fun playing as I have making it^^

Hello :) I just wanted to say how great your game is. I'm really enjoying it a lot :D            and I just wanted to ask if you have any idea about when you might be releasing the full game ?

Hi! Thank you so much for the kind words :) The game will come out before the end of 2017 for sure. It grew during the development and I still have many things I need to implement/finish. I might even try to get the funding for voice acting^^

Wow it sounds better and better :) I'm really looking forward to it :D Good luck with everything :D

Thank you! <3

I just love how bulling hipsters is included in the description LOL

haha, yeah, it's actually a feature :D

brilliant :'D hi5! went up to pretoria(one of our major cities) a little while ago and they were EVERYWHERE. Telling me constantly how i should start vaping and yada yada hipster crap bla bla and i was like please. stahp before i punch you.

Even thou I despise the so called ''yaoigamejam'' because of the irony of their hatred for the yaoi community and the authors and what they enjoy, and the obvious americanized ideology in their overview,this game was actually adorable,keep being you and making the game in your own way.It's amazing.

Thank you for the kind words!

hellohello, i loved this demo !! may i ask, when will the full release be out ??

Hello, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) The full game will probably come out around July 2017.

Hello! I am a translator of renpy games. I would like to know if your game is going to be in Spanish...

And if it is not, I want to ask permission to translate the demo into Spanish.

Hi :) I'm sorry for the late reply. I had bad internet connection for a while. Feel free to translate the demo!

Great Demo! I really enjoyed it :) Soichiro is my favorite so far. Shinya is too mean for me :( Cool piercings guy is cool too. I look forward to a full release! :D

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I'm surprised at how many people like Soichiro. I expected him to come across as this boring, old pushover (at least in the demo, where the characters are just introduced), but I'm thrilled that you all saw something more in him. Haha, I like Shinya best, but just because he's the easiest to laugh at :D

hi why i couldn't open the app after i downloaded it? :(

Hello, I'm sorry you're experiencing problems! Could you write to sentimentaltrickster@gmail.com and give me more details like the platform you're using or what exactly is happening? I'd love to help!

can you please put up a download link for win zip file?

Hello! Sure, I've just uploaded it :)

theres no zip file?

It's Sentimental_Trickster_for_Windows_ver03.7z

.7z is different from a .zip file

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You're right, I'm sorry! If you have a gmail account, I'd be happy to share the uncompressed game folder with you. In case you don't want to write it here, you can write to sentimentaltrickster@gmail.com

Thank you! :)

Just skipping through, nice art!